Dickson Roses Shop- roses only available as bare root

 All roses for sale are supplied bare root from mid October 2021 to late February 2022 

Three new roses make their debut in the Dickson Roses catalogue UK for 2021. We are excited to introduce you to our new national release of "Northern Ireland Centenary Rose" which was commissioned by The Northern Ireland Office. It is a floriferous and beautiful, pleasantly scented Floribunda. Two new floribunda roses, are also launched exclusively to our catalogue: Françoise Josette Budd (DIcaccordion) and The John Gabriel (Dicriri).

Planting a rose garden is easy. You can make a rose bed of just one variety; a mix of colours; or in a mixed border together with other plants. There is a rose suitable for all situations: a shrub hedge row; climbers on trellises or arches; in a border, or just beds of roses. Modern roses are easy to care for and so rewarding. Choose yours now!