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The 2023/24 season will be the last opportunity to purchase Dickson roses directly from us, as Colin will be retiring. It is recommended that you order early, to avoid disappointment. From 2024, the roses will be grown by a contract grower, so you will still be able to purchase many Dickson roses.

Five new roses make their debut in the Dickson Roses catalogue for 2023/24, among them being the beautiful and highly scented "A Fond Farewell" named to mark Colin's retirement.

  All roses for sale will be supplied bare root from late October '23 to late February '24.

How to Name a Rose for Someone

You too can name a rose in memory of a loved one, or for a new born baby; a birthday gift or wedding anniversary; or why not, name your own rose. Prices reflect the work involved and be assured, the rose you choose was tested for years in our fields, and the rose will be unique to you.

The last few roses available for naming are illustrated on the
Rose Naming Opportunities Page.

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