Our new rose "It's a Wonderful Life"®, was recently introduced to the press  by Roses UK as the Rose of the Year for 2022. The rose name is a registered trademark. Use of the material: It's a Wonderful Life™ name is used courtesy of Melange Pictures LLC. All rights reserved. 

This Floribunda rose is available to reserve on the Rose Shop Floribunda page, for delivery in late autumn. 

It's a Wonderful Life (Dictwix) Rose of the Year 2022

We are UK rose growers and breeders, and specialise in creating new varieties of roses, with a small quantity of bare root roses for sale in the autumn. We have agents in many countries all over the world, so if you would like to buy one of our roses, please contact your local rose grower. Creating a rose is a very time consuming occupation. It takes several years before knowing if you have created a rose good enough or better than something already in commerce. 

  All roses for sale will be supplied bare root from mid October '21 to late February '22. 

Three new roses make their debut in the Dickson Roses catalogue UK for 2021. We are excited to introduce you to our new national release of "Northern Ireland Centenary Rose" which was commissioned by The Northern Ireland Office. It is a floriferous and beautiful, pleasantly scented Floribunda. Two new floribunda roses, are also launched exclusively to our catalogue: Françoise Josette Budd (DIcaccordion) and The John Gabriel (Dicriri).

See the video and read Our Story in the Making on the Northern Ireland Office website

How to name a rose after someone

You too can name a rose in memory of a loved one, or for a new born baby; a birthday gift or wedding anniversary; or why not, name your own rose. Images of roses available can be viewed on the Rose Naming Opportunities page. Prices reflect the work involved.

There are a range of colours available at the moment: pink roses, yellow roses, orange roses; floribunda roses, shrub roses, patio ground cover roses; but be assured, the rose you choose was tested for years in our fields, and the rose will be unique to you.

Great quality triple layer face masks in stock that have an adjustable nose clip and adjustable (tie yourself) elastic ear loops and come with one piece Non-woven textile filter  - hydrophobic material - can be washed (but not ironed). The ear loop elastic is tie yourself for a better fitting to your face. Please don't try and tie it around your head as it is not long enough for that.

The metal nose clip makes the mask snug on your face, and if you fit it well it might make a good enough seal for the glasses not to fog. Bend it before fitting it to your face in a _/\_ shape, rounded at the top and by trying to fit it flat along the cheekbones. We fiddled enough with it to achieve fog free glasses. This is just a tip, which many customers succeeded to achieve, but we are not claiming that the mask will keep the glasses from fogging on all faces!

You can order them directly on https://www.acquawear.com/delfina-face-masks Lots of beautiful flower prints, including of the Miss Kate rose (check the links out).