LOVESTRUCK (Dicommatac)
  • LOVESTRUCK (Dicommatac)

    The colour of 'Lovestruck' has been described as plum, cherry red and rosy red, so you can make your own mind up about that. Dimensions are approx 95 x 105 cm and each bloom has 26 petals and measure 10 cm in diameter, and each stem may have up to 20 flowers in a cluster making this rose ideal for mass planting. It may only have a hint of fragrance but 'Lovestruck' is exceptionally healthy, meaning little or no spraying is required. It has even been known to still be in flower at Christmas.


    Size 95 x 105 cm.


    All orders will only be dispatched from late OCTOBER '22 to the end of FEBRUARY '23, as the roses are sold bare-root!

    • Rose of the Year 2018

      Lovestruck has been voted ROSE OF THE YEAR for 2018 as a result of a two year trial in seven locations up and down the UK, and made its debut at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show on 3 July '17.
      Not only is 'Lovestruck' Rose of the Year, but it came top of both the prestigious rose trials at the Royal National Rose Society for unnamed (seedling) roses, and the Gold Standard trial which is judged by breeders, growers and the press to find the most commercial varieties. 
      'Lovestruck' started life in 2007 when an unnamed seedling with the parents of 'Precious Memories' and 'Wild Rover' (both Dickson roses), was crossed with the pollen from 'Knockout', bred by the American amateur breeder Bill Radler.