Launched in July 2010, at Hampton Court, a rose symbolic of Mr McQueen’s memory of Isabella Blow, nurtured tenderly and thoughtfully to reflect Isabella’s distinct personality and character.


Colin Dickson and Mr McQueen searched through hundreds of seedlings to find the perfect combination to create a flower encapsulating the timeless elegance both of Alexander’s designs and Isabella’s flamboyant beauty. The resulting rose comprises a distinct pallet of coral and peach. The specimen is testimony not simply to her own glamour, but also their combined passion for the ornate and intricate.


The coral pink and peach flower ‘Alexander’s Issie’ is a fusion of two distinct types of rose – ‘Pensioner’s Voice’ and ‘Simply Heaven’. The finished product reflects Isabella’s unique, colourful personality, with buds of overlapping petals channelling her love of fashion and opulent dressing.


Pleasant scent complements the beautiful blooms.


Size 80 x 60 cm.


All orders will only be dispatched from late OCTOBER '22 to the end of FEBRUARY '23, as the roses are sold bare-root!