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Dickson Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses

BENITA (Dicquarrel) 1995              £9.00  


Beautiful deep amber/ gold which shuns disease. Produces a spectacular summer show late into the season - just a pity it doesn't have glossy foliage, but it is fragrant. You can't have everything!

ISN’T SHE LOVELY (Diciluvit) 2008       £9.00

A truly appropriate name for a classic HT which has superb lasting quality. The pointed buds are creamy gold with a slight pink edge and they open to ivory with a centre showing deep tones of pink and gold. Some blooms can appear to be completely ivory.

LESLIE'S DREAM (Dicjoon) 1994           £9.00
A strong growing crimson loved by exhibitors, but you'll need to grow four or five bushes as some blooms tend to split.
This one always sells out early, so be warned!

All the roses in our online catalogue are protected under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR). A high percentage of our roses are grown under contract (outside the nursery), so the quantities available are limited.  

Orders will only be dispatched from the beginning of November 2016 to mid March 2017, as the roses are sold bare-root.

You can pay by cheque (made payable to AC Dickson), by Paypal (which accepts any credit card) or contact the office about bank transfer details.